Fury 404

Varenummer: Fury 404

-Low maintenance
-Fast wash time
-180 degree wash pattern
-17 meter cleaning diameter
-1" BSP threads

The Breconcherry Fury 404 is a compact cleaning unit with a unique piston operated mechanism. It produces high impact, long range jets which oscillate through 90° while the tankwasher continualle indexes around the central axis.

The Fury 404 is powered entirely by the cleaning fluid. Only 5% of the wash drives the mechanism, 95% passes directly to the nozzles, maximising jet impingement. This results in less debris from wash fluid passing through the internal mechanism.

With no high speed turbines and complex gear mechanisms, there is minimal wear and servicing. The Fury 404 indexing mechanism provides and evenly spaced wash pattern and the tankwasher nozzles are designed to give effective surface coverage with high impingement

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