HL.Skjong UK Ltd

A traditional tankcleaning supplier with a new name, HL.Skjong UK Ltd

The Norwegian Company HL.Skjong has been a highly successfull business partner to Breconcherry and GEA for many years, specialising in providing total cleaning solutions to the food production industries with its extensive range of products. HL.Skjong is happy to announce that we are expanding this partnership into the UK, and continuing this strong tradition of customer service and excellence.

The company’s ability to offer practical solutions to a variety of industries helped to establish the name Breconcherry as a specialist suppler of cleaning technology. Initial successes in brewery, beverage, dairy and food led to the company expanding to all industries where tanks and containers require cleaning. Breconcherry’s extensive range of rotating, orbital and indexing cleaners have for many years set the standards for cleaning technology through superior design and performance.

Innovative design, combined with quality engineering, made the Fury by Breconcherry the most efficient impact cleaner in the market. In 2010 Breconcherry was bought by GEA. Together they have continued to develop a wide range of products and solutions suitable for maintaining production standards of today’s fast moving industry.

With our experience we are bringing cleaning technology into a new era as HL.Skjong becomes the main partner of GEA Cleaning Technology and Hygienic Products within the UK market, continuing to combine the tradition created by Breconcherry, the wider experience of HL. Skjong and the modernity of GEA technologies.

We have the knowledge and ability to provide the most suitable solutions for your business or assist you with the technology you already have, arranging for repairs, alterations or improvements as and when required.

With the full support of GEA UK we have created a specialist UK cleaning technology team, including a number of Breconcherry employees, ensuring that we have the skills and capabilities to fully support you. Our aims are to remain a good partner, providing excellent service and innovative cost-effective cleaning solutions which can help industry to overcome future challenges.

We are located in the same premises in Bromyard so please do not hesitate to give us a call.
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