Tankmaster 600

- Powerful cleaning action
- Fully automatic operation/ No operator intervention needed
- High accuracy nozzles
- 20m cleaning diameter
- 1 ½” BSP connection

The TANKMASTER orbital cleaning heads are specially designed for the water service industries where they are used within open or closed storm tanks to remove solids that are left following a storm event. The Tankmaster units were developed so that they can be operated by a jetter van or truck for remote operation, or run from a boosted final effluent or potable water supply. This allows water service companies to maintain your assets and keep unwanted smells to a minimum without operators having to enter confined spaces. Civil’s are also dramatically reduced in new designs as low ceiling heights can be used. The Tankmaster is ideally suited to effectively clean the walls as well as the tank floor and can be cleaned at any time day or night and especially following EVERY storm event.
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