About HL.Skjong AS

HL.Skjong started in 2002. Through the years the business has grown gradually and in 2010 HL.Skjong AS was established. We import and keep stock of products within applying/dosing chemicals, machinery and equipment for low-/highpressure cleaning. We offer complete projects, building and assembling complete systems and servicing. Through our experience we have developed ourselves to become a leading company within our field. The company is located in Ålesund-Norway and is expecting a turnaround just below 40 million Norwegian kroner in 2017.

About HL.Skjong UK

The company was established by the founder of HL.SKJONG AS in 2016 to be an official distributor and point of repair for GEA Cleaning Technology and Hygienic Products in the UK.
Apart from the cleaners and spares, we supply equipment for low / high pressure washing and stainless-steel hygiene equipment. We offer the best quality maintenance service for cleaning equipment as well as technical and onsite support. Our maintenance department has over 40 years’ experience in building and repairing the equipment we supply.
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